Why Holistic Nutrition?

Why holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition takes more into account than simply the food we eat. It means taking responsibility for our actions, decisions, & environment, and how those impact our overall health and wellbeing.



A healthy balance.

We’re so accustomed to taking pills to instantly get rid of the bad, we’ve forgotten the importance of supporting the good. The body wants to heal, and without giving it the proper nutrition to thrive, we’re denying it that incredible natural ability. Holistic nutrition can provide a necessary balance to pharmaceutical care, and help in prevention of the rise of chronic illness.


Have questions?

We are happy to offer in-house nutritional guidance and support from Amanda Gilbert of Enelle Nutrition. Come by for a free consultation, contact her directly at EnelleNutrition@gmail.com, or visit EnelleNutrition.com.