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How our Pharmacy in Nashville TN Helps with Long-term Care

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November 10, 2023

Those struggling with a chronic condition or debilitating illness need assistance in completing daily tasks, and that also includes their prescription medication needs. At Riverside Village Pharmacy, we excel in helping patients and their families by making life a little easier through our long-term care services. Keep reading to learn more about how our pharmacy in Nashville TN can help.

What is long-term care?

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Long-term care services are helpful for families who take care of a chronically ill person who can no longer care for themselves, whether they are still at home or in a facility. Services such as our free strip packaging program provide simplicity and convenience with the date, time, and dose on each daily packet. Pill organizers and keeping track of medications are no longer a concern, and you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is getting the correct medications at the right time every day. As a long-term care pharmacy in Nashville, we specialize in three areas– prescription delivery, medication therapy management (MTM), and clinical consultations.

Prescription Delivery

We make sure everyone has easy access to their prescription and will always keep our delivery service a top priority. Our pharmacy in Nashville TN offers free delivery, whether that’s to the patient’s home or a long-term care facility. We can even sync all of your prescription refills so that all of your medications are delivered on the same day every month. If you aren’t local to the area, we are still happy to ship your medications at no extra cost!

Medication Therapy Management

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Another way our pharmacy in Nashville TN helps with long-term care is by medication therapy management services. This program empowers the patient to be in charge of their health decisions, ensure their medication therapy goals are on track, and prevent adverse and costly issues that could arise. People with chronic illness can be better equipped to understand their disease and the ongoing treatments, which fosters a deeper, more positive partnership between them and their doctors and pharmacists. We encourage you to reach out to our team anytime to discuss if MTM could be beneficial for you or a loved one!

Clinical Consultations

A big part of long-term care is the relationships between the patients, healthcare providers, and family members. From MTM to discussing whether a compounded prescription may be needed, our expert pharmacists work together with you and your doctor to find the most beneficial treatment options. We can formulate compounded medication for a variety of conditions, including LDN for fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis as well as creating custom doses, changing the dosage form to your preference, and removing unwanted ingredients such as sugar, alcohol, and preservatives.

Now you know all about long-term care services and how our pharmacy in Nashville TN can help! Read more about our independent compounding pharmacy services for other ways we can provide you with personalized health and wellness support.