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How to Relieve Allergies Naturally

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May 01, 2024

Are you looking for natural relief this allergy season? We want to share a few helpful tips on how to relieve allergies naturally, from household actions to simple home remedies and even some natural supplements with effective ingredients. Keep reading to learn more!

Allergy Relief Tips

Your indoor air quality is crucial to keeping you feeling your best during the spring and summer. In order to limit the amount of pollen and allergen particles from coming inside your home, try these tips:

how to relieve allergies naturally

  • Install air filters
  • Purchase an air purifier
  • Regulate air humidity
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Avoid using ceiling fans
  • Stay vigilant with cleaning
  • Remove outdoor shoes and clothing
  • Shower immediately after being outside
  • Bathe indoor/outdoor pets regularly

Natural Remedies

Our local pharmacy is well-stocked with all of the over-the-counter allergy essentials, such as Allegra, Zyrtec, and Benadryl, as well as decongestants like Sudafed and Phenylephrine. We can even make compounded sinus support medications if you have a sensitivity to a certain ingredient. Our team of pharmacists will go above and beyond to ensure you know about the best treatments for how to improve sinus health. But if you want to try some natural remedies before using medications, there are a few things you could try in addition to the allergy tips already mentioned above.

Saline sinus rinse: You can buy a NetiPot system at our pharmacy, or if you already have a nasal rinse bulb or syringe at home, you can make your own saline solution. Irrigating your sinuses is an effective way to combat congestion and provide instant relief from the most frustrating symptoms. Remember to use only distilled water and thoroughly clean the device before and after each use.

Steam therapy: Something as simple as taking a steaming hot shower or inhaling steam over a bowl of hot water or soup can also do wonders for your nasal passages. If you have a diffuser, you could also put in a few drops of eucalyptus oil to diffuse into the air ( do not inhale directly) to assist in calming your irrigated sinuses.

Allergy Support Supplements

hist assist supplement

Another great way to find relief from seasonal allergy symptoms is by taking a natural supplement. We offer several products on our online wellness store that could help. Take a look at a few of our best-selling sinus health supplements:

Hist Assist- ingredients include Quercetin, Bromelain, Stinging Nettles Leaf, and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine to help those struggling with nasal irritation and elevated histamine levels.

Hist Assist Jr. - this chewable tablet is designed for children, with the same ingredients as regular Hist Assist but in a smaller dose and more accommodating form.

Pure Encapsulations TH2 Modulator- contains N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Quercetin, and Perilla seed extract to encourage the function of the antioxidant glutathione and the special immune TH2 helper cells, two key components of a healthy immune response and sinus health.

Learn more about how our pharmacy and nasal health! We want to help you find the best support and ways how to relieve allergies naturally. Let us know if you have any questions!